Whats happening at AFW?

July Summer 2019


This is Aimee, from Aimee French Waxing, and I am writing this news letter to thank you for all your continued love and support.


I wanted to personally express my gratitude and thank you for trusting me with one of your most important and precious parts of your body. I am honored and appreciate the devotion you show by coming back every time. You are one of the reasons why Aimee French Waxing is so successful today.


A lot of things have been evolving and changing for the better here at AFW. It's been a huge 2019 and I have been able to begin developmental career programs, add new team members, and complete more training to better my profession and expand my horizons, which I can pass on to you.


Here are a few things that I've added to my list of services and a glimpse of things to come in the near future.


In January I launched my Advanced AFW Method Training Program. This is an advanced and in depth waxing one-on-one training with me. My students learn the secrets to my Quick Hard Wax Brazilian Waxing, flawless anatomical Brow Mapping & Waxing and my signature Ombre Brow Tinting techniques.


Through continually learning and educating myself with training programs and workshops, I am able to provide even more great services such as the Aloor Pigment Remover course.

This technique uses an Alkaline base remover which has shown amazing results with very little down time. Basically this is a tattoo removing solution that is pain free and effective which shows that nothing is really permanent and forever on your skin.


I am a huge fan of Microblading and have been working with world renown Microblading artist Jenn Boyd. In March, I took one of her online "Hair Stroke" training classes to enhance and perfect my Microblading skills. This class was both educational and inspiring, and has helped bring my Microblading skills up and constantly moving forward with the times.


In April, I continued adding to my education by doing an "Advanced Microblading" course by Sediure Academy. This incredible course has helped take my Microblading to a whole new level of realism. Because of this technique I am able to create an even more realistic and natural look one brow at a time.


Recently I have taken an intensive online "Infinity Edge Ombre Brow Shading" course by award winning & world renown pioneer permanent makeup artist Shay Danielle. Her ombre technique is a new cutting edge shading effect that makes the brow go from light to dark. This gives a seamless and very natural looking effect without a harsh outline.


Your brows are something that people see each and everyday. Great brows help give you confidence and can make you feel unstoppable. With the techniques I've learned, with the help of expert training and hard work I can help you achieve your perfect brows. Come make an appointment and see me today!


warmest aloha,



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